Prometheus: Film Studios do not Make Movies on Straight Lines.

I’m not intending this blog to be a review of Prometheus, I liked the movie, I’ve been a fan of the original Alien movie since 1979, & only later I began to appreciate what the movie more deeply.

So now, over 30 years later, Ridley Scott returns to the genre he helped define (sorry for the cliche) with Prometheus, a sci-fi horror with art direction inspired by HR Giger & a whole new audience to scare the bejesus out of.

Having seen the movie, I did book the first 3D showing in Helsinki for the biggest screen available I was not too disappointed, in fact after 4 days I had this nagging thought in my head, reviews were split, 50/50. People either loved it or hated it, simple. Why? Some complained about the script, story & flaws, flaws? What flaws? I came out asking questions, thinking about the story & what wasn’t said. The movie was busy, but in a good way yet a lot of people didn’t like it, & I have a theory as to why.

Summer is a time for blockbuster movies, personally I don’t go to see these type of movies as they are not to my taste, although I did enjoy The Avengers, as did 99% of the people who went to see it. Prometheus is different, it makes us think about what really happened & what might happen, and even more it’s telling the viewers there is no god!! Now this is fine for me, I’m an atheist, Ridley Scott is telling me nothing I already know, but do cinema audiences really want to be told this? I don’t think so.


I turned this question around to make it a little easier on myself, what if they discovered that god was on LV-223 & had created life on earth, a spiritual being that was responsible for all religions, thus controlling the paths of billions of people, would I have enjoyed the movie? No. I would have been insulted & felt cheated after 30 years of still seeing a Xenomorph in my dreams & waking up in a cold sweat.

20th Century Fox got the release date wrong, & with a little less hype I think this could have been the movie we all wanted. Incidentally, the viral promotion is without a doubt one of the best marketing campaigns I’ve ever seen for any movie, inspiring ideas.

*On a slightly geekier note, all androids in the Alien movies make up the beginning of the alphabet. A, B, C, D. Ash, Bishop, Call & David.

So to sum up, a great film, stunning visuals as you would expect from Ridley Scott, & a typical stoned hippy late night event for those wishing to expand their minds on the fundamental design on life. It was a hard act to follow, but I feel they managed it, with some room to spare. Just remember, it is just a movie, but I’m still thinking about little bits of details….


Introduction to… Me


I’m not sure how this will go, but I’ll give it a try…

Blogs are view’s of others, getting things off our chests, for this reason I feel I want to do this and its not my intention to insult others, so please, let me know if anyone is offended by anything I write.

I intend to express my views of the world the way I see them, and I hope to do this in a positive way.

Im open minded, skeptical, truthful and yet sensitive to others. So what will the content of the blog be? I don’t know yet, but I intend it to be open and critical as well as criticised. But I’ll try not to go on a bit ok?

Thanks in advance…